Sandfly Security The Linux Threat Hunter

Our Product

Sandfly is a threat hunter and intrusion detection tool for Linux systems.

Sandfly fills the gaps left in today's networks by conventional intrusion detection, firewall, vulnerability management, and other defensive software.

Sandfly works behind the scenes to rapidly discover and alert you to threats that have penetrated your defenses. Sandfly allows you to rapidly find and eliminate problems before they become major headaches.

Our Story

Sandfly Security was founded by veterans in the computer security and intrusion detection field. Our founder has worked on industry leading and innovative products which have been acquired by companies such as Cisco Systems and 3Com.

Meet the Team

Craig Rowland

Craig H. Rowland

Founder & CEO

Craig Rowland is an internet security entrepreneur that has made his career in technology start-ups. His previous company, Psionic Software, was sold to Cisco Systems. Craig developed automated network attack tools, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and the first automated security incident response product in the world (Cisco Threat Response).

Craig worked for intrusion detection system innovator WheelGroup Corporation alongside founding members of the Air Force Information Warfare Squadron (acquired by Cisco). He was also an early stage consultant for TippingPoint Technologies which produced the market leading intrusion prevention system (acquired by 3Com). He has also written open source security tools which are part of many Linux distributions.

Aside from the above, Craig is also a published author on investing and finance with John Wiley and Sons. His book, The Permanent Portfolio: Harry Browne's Long Term Investment Strategy, has helped many investors find safety and security with their investments.

At Sandfly, Craig is the business and technical leader. His experience in the field drives the company to deliver new and creative security solutions for protecting Linux network infrastructure.

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