Getting In The Fight

September 04, 2020

Linux Malware, Malware, Sandfly

Let’s talk about how to be effective detecting intruders. Or what we at Sandfly Security simply call: Getting in the fight . First to lay…

Detecting and De-Cloaking HiddenWasp Linux Stealth Malware

June 04, 2019

Linux Forensics, Malware

A new Linux stealth malware was . The malware, named HiddenWasp, is a remote access tool that has two modes of infection depending on…

Linux Cryptomining Malware Podcast Interview

October 19, 2018

Interview, Linux Forensics, Malware

Sandfly founder Craig Rowland discusses Linux cryptomining malware on the with host Michael. They go over what this class of malware does…

Sandfly 1.1.14 – Linux File Masquerading, Encrypted Malware Detection, and More

June 06, 2018

Computer Forensics, File Entropy, Linux Forensics, Malware, Sandfly, Update

The latest Sandfly release has new features for file classification and file entropy scanning. We can now spot files that are trying to…

Linux Malware Persistence with Cron

May 02, 2018

Computer Forensics, Linux Forensics, Malware, Persistence, Sandfly

If malware is anything at all, it’s persistent. On Linux, just like Windows, malware once loaded wants to stay loaded. On Windows systems…