Linux Cryptomining Malware Podcast Interview

October 18, 2018

Sandfly founder Craig Rowland discusses Linux cryptomining malware on the Digital Forensics Survival Podcast with host Michael. They go over what this class of malware does, how it gets onto Linux…

Detect Linux Loadable Kernel Module Stealth Rootkits Agentlessly with Sandfly

April 26, 2018

Watch Sandfly’s agentless intrusion detection and threat hunting technology detect a Linux stealth rootkit. Sandfly automates the investigation and alerting of Linux rootkit compromises so you can…

Christchurch Hacker Con Linux Digital Forensics Video

April 18, 2018

The video of Craig’s talk at the Christchurch Hacker Con has been posted to YouTube. This video covers the slides posted here on the blog which includes using basic Linux command line tools for…