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Sandfly Security is proud to be part of the

Vodafone Xone Accelerator Program

Help Sandfly customers recover from security incidents.

Do you supply incident response services?

Sandfly is able to spot Linux intrusions and compromise 24 hours a day. However, customers of Sandfly might need some help during a security incident after it’s been detected. 

Sandfly is putting together a list of pre-screened vendors we can recommend that we know can do the job correctly. Contact us with your company details to begin the screening process.

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Benefits of Being a Sandfly Partner

By working with Sandfly, you will receive clients that have an immediate need for incident response. These customers will have Sandfly installed already that is giving detailed forensic information that can help with containment and recovery. This makes your job easier and faster.

Benefits of Working with a Sandfly Partner

By using a Sandfly partner, you know you’ll only be referred to incident response vendors that have been screened for competence and ability. Sandfly partners have the talent and procedures to get you back up and secure in the shortest amount of time.