Why You Need Sandfly

Why You Need Sandfly

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100 Days - The amount of time it takes for the average organization to discover a compromise.

100 Days. That’s how long it takes for an average organization to discover they’ve been compromised. One hundred days is a long time for an intruder to get to know your network and data. If you are actively looking for intruders though, this time can be reduced to just minutes. 

Customers demand security for the services they use. Being proactive about hunting for intruders is good business sense. Sandfly is designed to discover and help you get rid of intruders today before they become a headline tomorrow.

Find the Threats that Slipped Through

Hunt for Attackers that Made it Past your Defenses


Attackers today are weaponizing new exploits within hours after a vulnerability is announced. Yet, patches often take days or weeks to apply in an operational environment, plus there are always systems that are missed. Even worse, many attacks succeed due to custom software and misconfigurations. Vendors can’t patch against these problems.


Our team got started writing vulnerability scanners years ago. They are great tools, but can miss misconfigured software, “temporary” changes that are not part of a normal install, and other threats. These gaps allow attackers to exploit and infiltrate into your network. 


Many security products wait for attacks to publish and then release a signature to detect it. This results in massive signature libraries that need constant updating. The slightest change to malicious code and the signatures often stop working. Sandfly instead focuses on finding the raw building blocks of an attack and does not need constant updates.


Many organizations do not fully know how many systems they have on their network. Even worse, they often do not have authority to load up security software that could impact devices. Sandfly’s agentless technology can deploy rapidly into these situations. Further, Sandfly can deploy into a live security incident to help assess and isolate compromised systems without needing to load anything on the target.