Secure In Seconds


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The Linux security platform that hunts for rootkits, malware and compromised hosts without endpoint agents.

Agentless Security for Linux


Sandfly is an agentless security and incident response platform for Linux. Sandfly gives instant protection for cloud or non-cloud based Linux systems without the reliability and maintenance problems of loading agents on your endpoints. 


Sandfly’s security platform deploys quickly. There is no need to touch each endpoint to install agents or other software. Security teams can customize their own detection and threat hunting modules and immediately deploy them across your Linux fleet. Dealing with new Linux threats or cleaning up an incident has never been easier.


Sandfly’s agentless security platform amplifies your team’s effectiveness. Sandfly automatically hunts for Linux threats 24 hours a day.  Our Linux security knowledge helps bolster your team’s readiness and response to incidents.


Our agentless security platform is accurate. We focus on intruder tactics used to gain and maintain access to your Linux systems. Our approach detects and disrupts known and unknown malware, rootkits and exploits. 

Search. Hunt. Discover.

Sandfly's Agentless Security Platform Hunts for Hackers Automatically.

24 Hour Protection

Sandfly searches for intruders on your Linux hosts 24 hours a day so they cannot get in and remain undetected. Our methods are specific to finding intruders regardless of how they gained access.


Sandfly helps incident responders by rapidly hunting for intruders without false alarms that waste time. Teams can write and deploy their own detection and threat hunting modules instantly.

Discover Real Threats

Sandfly discovers Linux compromises early so you can respond in a targeted and deliberate way. You can reduce intruder dwell time from months to just minutes with Sandfly.

Rapid Deployment. Rapid Protection.

Chase Threats, not Ghosts

Many security products produce piles of false alarms which can hide real problems. Sandfly instead relies on spotting the outcomes of successful compromise that almost always indicate a real intrusion has happened. With Sandfly’s unique approach, we generate accurate alerts to get to the real problem quickly.

Built for Linux

Sandfly was designed from the ground up to protect Linux. Sandfly will spot Linux rootkits, malware, and other signs of compromise 24 hours a day even if your team lacks Linux security knowledge to do it themselves. Our system was designed for the sole purpose of finding intruders on Linux.

Secure in Seconds

With agentless deployment, Linux security is instant with Sandfly. You can have security monitoring in place quickly without the maintenance and reliability problems of loading and updating software agents. Secure in seconds is not a hollow promise, it takes less than 10 seconds to add new hosts you want protected.


We're Ready to Help Keep Your Linux Systems Secure