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Compromise Detection for Linux

Sandfly was created by Linux experts who recognized the need for agentless visibility into Linux systems to detect intrusions without impacting system performance and reliability.

Sandfly Security was founded in 2017 by Craig Rowland, who has more than 25 years of experience in intrusion detection and vulnerability assessment. He began his career working with U.S. Air Force Information Warfare Center veterans while at the WheelGroup Corporation, maker of flagship network Intrusion Detection System (IDS), NetRanger, that was later acquired by Cisco Systems, Inc. Then, as founder, president, and CTO of Psionic Technologies, Craig led the creation of the world’s first automated agentless network attack response system, ClearResponse. He raised venture capital funding and oversaw product design and development leading to an acquisition by Cisco Systems, Inc. as well. He was also an early stage consultant for TippingPoint Technologies, which produced the market leading Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), later acquired by 3Com.

Meet the Founder: Craig Rowland

Craig has three patents in the field of computer security, and is author of "The Permanent Portfolio – Harry Browne’s Long-Term Investment Strategy".

“My goal in creating Sandfly Security is bringing effective and fast intrusion detection to Linux without the risks and performance impacts of traditional agent-based solutions,” he says. “Linux is the dominant force running the backbone of the Internet, and we want to make sure it is as secure and reliable as it can be.”
Craig Rowland

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